You Can't Be What You Can't See

The Problem

“47% of today’s jobs won’t exist in 2034” according to research conducted by the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, England

Inspiring times for the well equipped but challenging times for for the young people of today… especially if those having to make tough decisions about what subjects to choose and which courses to follow to take you on a pathway to… well, the unknown. That is 35 million 16-24 year old students in any one year.

The fact of the matter is that the state, independent of country, provides their youth inconsistent exposure to career opportunities. What they do provide is often outdated, linked to their own agenda and provided well after it can influence the study or career path chosen.

The subsequent impact on personal wellbeing, economic independence and lost productivity has a profound effect that ripples through society.

Our Vision

A World where everyone has the opportunity to find and pursue the right role for themselves, independent of their economic, social, cultural or any other "classification", before they start their career, not as they end it!

Our Mission

To positively impact 1,000,000 lives by 2020 through FirstCareerAcademy which is an ad free, mobile enabled, video-rich, self-serve platform that uses gamification, advanced analytics, interactive content and AI to lead the user on a bite size journey of discovery. Providing them with proven and innovative pathways that leverage their skills, interests and passions whilst increasing their contribution to, and reducing their dependency on, the state.

Our First Contribution

To give you an idea of the video content we will be providing check out our first ever contribution from Louis.

Our Growing Team

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