First Career Academy Relies on the Generous Support of People Like You

First Career Academy is a career discovery platform that is available free to anyone, anywhere. We believe it is a necessary resource for career confused young people who are faced with the knowledge that 47% of jobs today will not exist by 2034.

If you would like to help the young people of today achieve their full potential at this challenging time then please consider supporting our work.

Donate Your Story

If you are passionate about what you do then share it with with those who are looking for a career or role that plays to their strengths.

They say that You Can't Be What You Can't See so our Career Discovery platform is designed to open the eyes of young career seekers to what is actually available to them. It is our objective to build the platform by 1,000 careers a year!

The most powerful way to present these stories is by video and we welcome contributions from anyone and everyone. If you are not comfortable with video we can talk you through it. Alternatively we can organise an audio "interview" or happily take your written story and post it in our blog.

If you would like to support our work and help young people everywhere then please register your interest below.


Donate Your Skills

If you are passionate about using your skills for the good of others then you should consider joining forces with us.

Firstly, you'd be a great candidate for our Career Discovery platform which is full of the stories of other passionate people.

But secondly, and as importantly, you will doubtless be able to help us scale our offering so we can reach ever more career seekers who deserve the right to be the best they possibly can be.

If you have specific skills that can be applied to our offering eg. social media, psychometrics, videography, crm, community management, copywriting... the list goes on. We'd love to hear from you.

If you would like to contribute a couple hours, or more a month. Please fill out the form below.


Donate Your Money

If you are passionate about helping young people realise their full potential but do not wish to get directly involved then please consider making a donation to our cause.

All donations received will go directly towards engaging young people in their search for a worthwhile career that helps them to be the best person they can - improving their wellbeing and your own.

We are currently setting up our funding platform so if you would like to pre-register, or if you have any questions please complete the form below.

Thank you in advance.